Its becoming a Nivea kind of Christmas 

Christmas is around the corner and many of us looking for something special for our family and friends.  Now the weather is becoming cold everyone needs some hydration to their skin.  I was fortunate to test out this lovely Christmas box full of goodies from Nivea.  As a regular swimmer to the local baths there's nothing better than having the correct items to make you feel refreshed.  Being a founding member of Nivea definitely has its perks and that's to continue the long term relationship that I've always had since a young child.  Last week I tried out the Cherry Blossom range of creams and lip salve which I can honestly say did the job.  As a burn survivor, chlorine and cold weather have a habit of drying out my skin types.  Over the years I have used nivea creams and the moisturizer has always benefited my skin but to try something different has always been a risk for me.  

The large cream smells of an indulging cherry scent leaving my skin feeling soft after my weekly swim challenge.  As I was leaving to go outside to the cold wintry weather I tried the smaller hand cream with oils and finished off with the cherry shine flavoured lip salve.  I really believe that this is a wonderful christmas gift which will be useful and not chucked to a corner somewhere. A Must Buy  

Important note: I do not recommend for burns but personable to me and my type of scarring.

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Perfect Days of Summer ft Nivea UK

During the months of June and July the weather was hot.  I remember sitting down and thinking what to do for August  as I already had been involved in a Bikini Flashmob in Soho as part of Body positivity.  We were recently seen on tv for a series called Sex, Knives and Liposuction with Cherry Healey.  It was a fab day wearing Curvy Kate swimwear and representing all bodies.  I then decided that I should set up a Beach Reveal which entailed people with scars, health and skin conditions to come and join me in a bikini. I wanted to show people online that we were all beautiful and learn to embrace our bodies by changing our mindset positively. I finally decided on a week in August so I could travel to different destinations where I could encourage all women to be photographed wearing bikinis  I was very happy to have the wonderful swimwear365 send me & my lovely photographer some swimwear and also allow me to use their branded deckchairs. 


On the Monday I went along with Mandy Meadows to Brighton but it was pouring down with rain, so we sat in the car till it stopped.  I was so happy to see the sky suddenly become blue again with the sun shining down on us.  I grabbed the chairs and set up on the beach.  When the ladies arrived, I gave a quick inspirational talk and Mandy began taking photos.  At the time we were all fully clothed but Mandy called out, 'now throw your clothes off.  It was the funniest moment ever as I held onto mine so they didn't land on the pebbles soaking wet.


When we finished, we went off to the local pub for some lunch together.  Myself and Mandy had to move onto our following destination as we had another 4 days to help encourage body positivity.  We arrived that evening in Margate and stayed in a lovely hotel.  I was so happy with the way our day had spanned out.  All I needed now was a lovely shower with my Nivea Caring Shower Gel (Love Sunshine) and afterwards moisturize with my Nivea Rich Body Firming Lotion.  Myself and Mandy sat on the bed updating all the photos getting ready for the following day.  I was very lucky to get invited onto BBC Radio Sussex that day and later in the week BBC Radio Essex.  I rubbed on my Nivea Q10 plus C anti wrinkle + energy Skin Sleep Cream and dreamt that no day could get better than this.  The Beach Reveal was most definitely my PERFECT DAYS OF SUMMER without a doubt. It was such a pleasure & a real honour to recieve a lovely boxed gift from Nivea UK with all my Summer essentials.  The wonderful thing about becoming a founding member of Nivea is that my mother has always used Nivea products on me whilst growing up and pretty much everything I use today from sprays to creams are Nivea branded.  #PerfectDaysOfSummer