Swimming for Life

As a young girl, swimming was an everyday activity that would occur before and after school and every weekend.  Myself and my sister would swim in all types of weathers travelling the length and breadth of the country to compete.  Unfortunately for me, I had very little confidence and was afraid of people spotting my scars so did my utmost to lose events so not to be seen.  It was easier to fail and place myself into 4th position never picking up medals.  My mother always packed a very large towel into my swim bag so that it covered my scarring and my sister stood at the end of my race lane ready to cover me up. 


35 years later and I am attempting a Swim Challenge Summer 2019 which will help me face up to my fear of Open Water and allow others to understand that Mental Health can be overcome. I am fortunate to have the support of so many wonderful brands such as Zoggs, Swimwear365 and of course Nivea.  All of these products featured continue to help me with my after swim regime keeping my skin and scars soft and supple.  At night when I am absolutely shattered I am still continuing with my skincare routine with this wonderful sleeping melt in mask. Great gifts for Mothers Day