Outdoor Swim Challenge Summer 2019

Training began Jan 2019 with the support of Professor Greg Whyte OBE

Swim completed Asia to Europe July 2019

Launched Love Disfigure TALKS to encourage people with visible and hidden differences to join me on Inspirational Talks March 2019


Victoria Secret Protest collaborated by Love Disfigure and Nunude Brand - Nov 2018


International Womens Day March 2019 Collaboration of people with visible differences by Sylvia Mac & Manon  Ouimet Photographer

Collaboration photoshoot with Love Disfigure and Go Get Glitter Dec 2018

Photos by Paula Broome


Beach Reveal 2018 August created by Sylvia Mac Founder of Love Disfigure and accompanied by Photographer Mandy Meadows. Sylvia travelled from Brighton to Clacton along the East Coast of England to photograph with people on the beach wearing bikinis and encourage others to embrace their bodies.  She also spoke on BBC Radio Sussex with Jeni Barnett and BBC Radio Essex with Sadia Nine


Summer Beach Bikini Reveal Project Summer 2018 Southend


March 2018 I collaborated with Swimwear 365 who kindly gifted all the swimsuits to challenge the fashion industry to become inclusive of people with scars, health and skin conditions  Photos by Sophie Mayanne

IMG_0384 (1).JPG